Hazardous Areas

What is a Hazardous Area?

Explosive atmospheres and their conditions.

A hazardous area is defined as an area in which an explosive atmosphere is present, or may be expected to be present, in quantities such as to require special precautions for the construction, installation and use of potential ignition sources.
An explosive atmosphere can be attributed to flammable gases, vapour and mists or combustible dusts being present through numerous operating processes. Major industries affected would include but not limited to:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Grain Handling
  • Spray Painting Shops
  • Bakeries
  • Sugar Refineries
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Petrol Stations

Eliminating Risk

Equipment designed to avoid ignition or explosion

An explosion will only occur when three basic conditions are present:

  • Explosive material / Fuel
  • Oxygen / Air
  • Sources of ignition

Remove any one of these basic conditions and an explosion will not occur.

HazElect Services

Working in hazardous areas requires special training and expertise

Barrier GlandOur personnel receive regularly training as per AS/NZS 4761 and have numerous years of installation experience to ensure the correct application of AS/NZS 60079 and AS/NZS 3000. There are key components for controlling electrical equipment in hazardous area, ranging from: audits, area classifications, design, installation, inspections (max every 4 years) and routine maintenance. HazElect offers the following solutions for all hazardous areas:

  • Installation of electrical equipment for all protection techniques.
  • Intrinsically safe and non-incendiary equipment
  • Flammable agent & gas detection systems
  • Motors & motor control systems
  • Arc prevention & suppression measures
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Verification dossier compilation
  • Maintain and service of electrical equipment.
  • All grades of inspections of electrical equipment.
  • Lighting & Maintenance

When was the last time you heard about a building ablaze due to an explosion. Now imagine these words “it is believed an electrical fault is the cause” and picture yourself as the owner of that premises. Do you have enough insurance to start again or could you live with the loss of life of one or more of your loyal employees? Are you unsure of the outcome? There is one simple step to prevent this scenario, let us help manage your hazardous area today.

  • I have engaged the services of Phil Lyon and HazElect on a number of electrical projects over a couple of years.  I have found Phil to be very professional, reliable and trustworthy with regards to providing excellent service as required by the contract requirements and making sure that his company employees provide the same standard of quality work which he provides.  I was also greatly impressed by Phil’s attention to detail as well as his proactive approach to identify options and solutions to challenges arising in any project.  On all the projects they completed for us, HazElect always met timely deadlines, most of them ahead of schedule and without compromising on quality and safety but still maintaining a fair price. Without any hesitation, I would definitely recommend HazElect to anyone seeking professional quality focused electrical services in the mining industry.
    Simon Phiri Electrical Engineer Rio Tinto Iron Ore
  • The team at HazElect are competent, passionate people who work efficiently to safely meet our objectives.
    Kurt MonkRio Tinto Contracts Supervisor - Plant Maintenance
  • Time and time again HazElect have delivered on multiple projects simultaneously while always maintaining a very high standard of work with attention to detail. All projects have been completed on time, within budget and without incident. That’s why HazElect has been my  preferred electrical contractor for many years.
    Mark SirrRio Tinto Electrical Supervisor – Shutdown Maintenance
  • Hazelect have provided for me the level of service that I need to ensure I meet the required standards and timelines for all my projects. They provide complete Electrical Engineering and Installation project management with great confidence in exceeding all desired outcomes. Hazelect is completely reliable and dedicated in providing a safe and efficient service everytime.
    Mick DraperRio Tinto - Statutory Electrical Supervisor