LED Conversion Feasability Study

LED Conversion Feasability Study

LED Conversion Feasability Study

Many of you have probably wondered, “Will I save that much money switching to energy efficient lighting and is it really worth it?”
The answer is YES! Not only are there savings on your everyday energy bill, but huge savings long term by eliminating the frequency of replacing globes and maintenance. An LED lasts twice as long as a standard globe.

To better demonstrate the potential for cost savings, let us look at a light conversion assessment that Hazelect recently completed on an office building for one of our North West clients. We were asked to review the lighting on the top floor of the building and found by simply changing out 37 fluorescent light fittings, we could achieve a cost saving of $16,460 approx. This cost saving is over a period of 11.5 years approx. (including payback period), which is the expected lifetime of an average LED. The actual cost to do the conversion was $7,400 approx., which would result in a staggering 55% in savings. Ask yourself, could you do with extra cash in your pocket?

As we transition to a “throw-away” society, we all need to be aware of our responsibility to protect our environment. Converting your lighting system to more energy efficient lighting is not only beneficial to your bank balance, but also helps to:

  • Reduce your environmental impact.
  • Reduce carbon emissions.
  • Reduce demand on natural resources.
  • Reduce demand on power generation plants.
  • Reduce your impact on landfill.
  • Reduce your contribution of toxic fluorescent tubes disposed in landfill.

At HazElect, we are passionate about environmental conservation and saving our clients’ money. Call us today and book a free feasibility assessment on your current lighting system.

Lifetime of LED panel @ 12 hours/day & 365 days/year = 11.42 Years

Maintenance costs based on changing tubes every 21000 hours, includes tubes, starters and labour for 1 person. 10 minutes allocated/fitting. No allowance for repairs.

Calculation based on lights running 12 hours a day / 365 days a year.

Energy savings per year: $1,787.52
Project Cost: $7,425.50
Payback Period: 4.15 Years
Energy savings after payback: $12,980.00
Maintenance savings across lifetime: $3,479.95
Total savings after payback: $16,459.95

  • Time and time again HazElect have delivered on multiple projects simultaneously while always maintaining a very high standard of work with attention to detail. All projects have been completed on time, within budget and without incident. That’s why HazElect has been my  preferred electrical contractor for many years.
    Mark SirrRio Tinto Electrical Supervisor – Shutdown Maintenance
  • Hazelect have provided for me the level of service that I need to ensure I meet the required standards and timelines for all my projects. They provide complete Electrical Engineering and Installation project management with great confidence in exceeding all desired outcomes. Hazelect is completely reliable and dedicated in providing a safe and efficient service everytime.
    Mick DraperRio Tinto - Statutory Electrical Supervisor
  • The team at HazElect are competent, passionate people who work efficiently to safely meet our objectives.
    Kurt MonkRio Tinto Contracts Supervisor - Plant Maintenance
  • I have engaged the services of Phil Lyon and HazElect on a number of electrical projects over a couple of years.  I have found Phil to be very professional, reliable and trustworthy with regards to providing excellent service as required by the contract requirements and making sure that his company employees provide the same standard of quality work which he provides.  I was also greatly impressed by Phil’s attention to detail as well as his proactive approach to identify options and solutions to challenges arising in any project.  On all the projects they completed for us, HazElect always met timely deadlines, most of them ahead of schedule and without compromising on quality and safety but still maintaining a fair price. Without any hesitation, I would definitely recommend HazElect to anyone seeking professional quality focused electrical services in the mining industry.
    Simon Phiri Electrical Engineer Rio Tinto Iron Ore
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